Periscope helps The Stork engage with its audience

Periscope helps The Stork engage with its audience

Periscope helps The Stork engage with its audience

We’re constantly looking at innovative ways to ensure our client’s objectives are met. The Stork Australia utilises iD Collective to assist with new technology to encourage discussion in the community about infertility issues predominately through Facebook, Twitter and E-Newsletters.

Recently, we utilised Periscope to conduct a real time interview with The Stork’s natural fertility expert, Nat Kringoudis, in which she was able to answer pre and real time questions from the public about infertility and various natural solutions.

We had previously created a Periscope account for The Stork (super easy) and Nat was simply able to log in through our twitter and engage in a live chat with our target audience. She also promoted the session through her social channels in the two days leading up to the session, as did we.

The beauty we found in using Periscope was the incredible engagement from such a simple and cost-effective activity.

Following the session, we saw our Twitter followers increase by 40% by letting audiences know that the event would be happening on The Stork’s account. The live play received 92 views, 11 replays (the video can be replayed for an hour after the recorded session,) 371 likes, 42 likes on the replay and we gained 34 new followers to The Stork’s Periscope account.

When you look at the engagement numbers on traditional forms of social media, it is near unheard of to see such a high level of engagement from a start out following base.

The other benefit with Periscope is the anonymity of engagement within a social platform. When talking infertility, like we are with The Stork, audiences may be hesitant to post their questions or interest on social platforms as they are just that, often extremely populated. Even though the stream was live, there were still numerous ways that the audience could engage with the host on an anonymous level, providing a safe and comfortable environment for open questioning.

Secondly, social platforms traditionally keep us more connected but lack real-time human interaction. Periscope likens the experience of engaging with a brand on social media to that of speaking to a customer service representative in person as opposed to a computerised response system over the phone. Much more personal and allows a quick, effective response.

We look forward to continually working with The Stork Australia to encourage public discussion about a very important, but often taboo topics.


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