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It’s what all businesses have been waiting for and all consumers are dreading. As of 30th September, Instagram advertising will be available to everyone, everywhere.

The announcement, made on Instagram’s For Business blog last week, left curiosity in the minds of many with the social media giant not providing full details into the countries that have already received the much anticipated update. For those that have been part of the testing phase in Australia, the results have been highly positive.

Instagram advertising examples

Myer recently utilised sponsored posts on Instagram to build awareness of its new Autumn/Winter women’s fashion collection. By partnering with influential Instagrammers to create bespoke content for the new range, they were able to increase campaign awareness and brand affinity with their core target audience.

“Partnering with Instagram and collaborating with established influencers Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox and Myer Ambassador Rachael Finch gave us a whole new way of inspiring and engaging fashion oriented Australian women.” – Tara Lordsmith Group General Manager – Marketing Myer

The challenge we now see is the issue many face with Facebook. It is quite easy to have a successful campaign on a platform where very few are advertising, but when businesses everywhere start using the platform as a means of advertising, how do you stand out from the crowd to create an effective campaign?

The benefits of advertising on Instagram are obvious as pointed out on their blog, “People come to Instagram for visual inspiration, and advertising on Instagram has the power to touch, inspire and move people.” But as advertisers, we must not get over enthusiastic with this new medium to push content and continually remember to put ourselves in the consumers shoes. If you take a few seconds to read through the comments on any of the sponsored posts, quite a number will feature the phrase, “get the ___ out of my newsfeed!”

When using Instagram as an advertising platform, we need to make sure we are providing content that is relevant and highly engaging for the audience. The benefits are huge, but any message that screams SELL will surely fall flat on its feet.

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If you’re an avid Snapchat user. Your newsfeed probably looked like the below this week…

Snapchat rainbow

The fastest growing social media platform released what is arguably their most talked about update since they introduced ‘my story’. The ability to add various ‘lenses’ to your selfie had users buzzing and funnily enough, sending Twitter into meltdown as users wanted to share their new look everywhere!

This latest update provides a pathway into the technical capabilities of Snapchat. There has long been talk of how Snapchat will best monetise the platform and these ‘lenses’ could very well be the start of something much bigger. Anyone else think Skittles might of had a say in the rainbow lense?





Twitter’s latest toy, Periscope, has also had a little makeover. The live streaming app that is providing audiences with a new way to connect with businesses now includes landscape viewing. A simple update, what it does is provide a much cleaner viewing experience for the audience, especially for those looking to broadcast their viewing experience through Apple TV. Other new features include “mutual friends and an indicator of who shared a live stream when it appears in your feed.

Periscope landscape



It has been a busy week in social updates. Talk to us to find out how you can best use your social platforms to leverage your business objectives.



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