When Telstra sneezes, Facebook catches a cold

When Telstra sneezes, Facebook catches a cold

When Telstra sneezes, Facebook catches a cold

As summer recedes and autumn takes hold, the fall in temperatures often creates a spike in people getting sick. This phenomenon appears to have taken hold at Telstra.

Last night, Telstra appears to have caught a cold – see network collapse – lasting two hours and affecting 8 million disgruntled customers. What’s interesting is how the blackout affected other services, namely Facebook.

With social now firmly mobile, it appears that when Telstra sneezes, Facebook catches a cold, judging by the fall in the number of online fans we witnessed across our client base.


Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.05.22 am

This outage makes clear a few points:

  • Telstra has 16 million mobile customers and is clearly the dominant player in the market. But this outage underscores just how dominant Telstra is in the mobile space.
  • For anyone still doubting, social is mobile

But why is this important for community managers?

Put simply, if people can’t access their mobiles, they can’t access Facebook. Period.

As such, community managers should consider their contingency plans for any future outages. Two hours can be an eternity in social media time.

  • How will you reach your community if they can’t reach you on Facebook?
  • What content can you produce to play to this situation? Without wishing to jump on Telstra en masse, people care about not being able to access social. Is this an opportunity to highlight how your community can reach out to you in the event of a social media blackout?

Did you notice a major fall in Facebook engagement last night?


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