What you’ve missed in social media

What you’ve missed in social media

What you’ve missed in social media

At iD Collective, social media is in our blood! Here’s what you may have missed in social…

NAB teams up with Twitter for first promoted Moment


Earlier this year, Twitter Australia launched ‘Moments’, a feature which curates the best bits of a current event or conversation a user might miss in their Twitter Timeline into a single place. Moments allow users to get the story of a trending topic at a glance by featuring clips, pics and conversations around key topics.

Promoted Moments is the latest offering for brands to engage with users on this platform. Promoted Moments will appear in second position on the main homepage of the Moments tab for 24 hours, with one Promoted Moment featured at a time, giving the brand 100 per cent share of voice and position in Moments.

NAB is the first brand to jump on board with Promoted Moments in Australia with its iconic AFL sponsorship. We don’t know what we are more excited about: Promoted Moments or #footysback!

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Instagram moving into algorithm territory

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.55.54 pm

Instagram’s users are up in arms amid changes to the algorithm that governs what content people see in their feed.

Until now, grams have appeared in chronological order, but a new engagement-based algorithm means your Instagram feed will start to resemble that of big brother Facebook.

At the moment, the average Instagram user only sees 30% of the content of their newsfeed, so the new algorithm aims to make sure they are seeing the best 30% by showing the posts they are most likely to engage with, based on previous interactions.

According to the company’s official statement, Instagram plans to test the user experience over the coming months to ensure they ‘take time to get this right’.

Needless to say, people are freaking about this! You may have noticed a post (or two hundred) yesterday encouraging you to click the ••• and turn on post notifications, well don’t jump the gun. The news for brands is that it’s more important than ever to post engaging content that resonates strongly with your audience, know your audience, what they love, what else they follow, how they consume media, and when, rather than encouraging followers to turn on push alerts and potentially losing followers instead of keeping them. Want to know more about your audience? Talk to us.

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Facebook Reactions are here!

Facebook reactions_idCollective

Unless you have been living under I gigantic flat rock, you will have noticed Facebook has introduced ‘reactions’ to its user interface.

As any Facebook aficionado knows, not all status updates deserve a comment or even a ‘like’. In response, Facebook has released a broad range of emotions which allows users to express their reactions to photos, events and status updates, with ‘Haha’, ‘Love’ or ‘Wow!’ now part of the Facebook engagement lexicon.

From personal use to brand storytelling, Facebook is still the number one social platform, with more than 15 million active Australian users. The social media behemoth knows that what you see, experience and engage with on Facebook requires more emotion than just ‘like’. Some things make you laugh ‘til you cry, open your eyes, fuel your hate fire or pull on your heartstrings. Now you can express how you really feel with Facebook reactions.

To use Reactions, simply hold down or hover over the ‘Like’ button and you can select from the following emotions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.

FB_ReactionsPinterest introduces Video Ads

Stay tuned, this function is due to drop later in the year. Pinterest has been playing with video for almost a year since launching Cinematic Pins in May 2015, and recognizing the gargantuan that is video (according to Tech Crunch, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video each day!) is making moves to give advertisers the chance to tap into this on Pinterest. Watch this space.

Facebook tests ‘topics’

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that let’s users converse around specific ‘topics’ by adding this as a tag to status updates. Currently in testing phase it appears to have only rolled out to certain users, as is Facebook’s want, and can only be added when editing a post, not writing a new one.


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